Friday, June 7, 2013

Spinach and Citrus Smoothie

I finally got one of those juicer everyone’s been talking about.  Having tried juicing several times, I think this one is right for me.  It's easy to use and clean but most importantly the recipes are very good.  One of the reasons why I never liked juicing was the flavor combinations were never tasty.  Drinking a watery concoction of greens, cucumber, green apple and ginger was torture.  The juicer dose not extract the pulp and fiber from the fruits and vegetables therefore, the beverage is the consistency of a smoothie when you add a avocado or banana.  Since I’ve been juicing I consume more green vegetables than ever. 

I have created my own combinations.  This one is my favorite. 

Spinach and Citrus Smoothie


2 cups spinach of kale

¼ avocado

1” piece chopped ginger

1 orange peeled and cut in quarters

½ lemons peeled

½ lime peeled

2 strawberries

1 teaspoon chia seeds

1-teaspoon date honey*

Water/Chilled Unsweetened Green Tea


Place all vegetables and fruit in juicer

Put just enough water to cover the contents

Process until smooth- about 20 seconds

You may want to add a few ice cubes so the beverage is cold a refreshing

*Note Date Honey can be found in Middle Eastern supermarkets or you can make it by placing dates in a sauce pot, adding just enough water to cover them, simmer them until they are soft and puree them until smooth or the consistency of honey

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