Saturday, August 10, 2013

Southwestern Omelet with Avocado and Blue Corn Tortillas

During my college years, I spent a semester in Los Angeles where eggs, cheese, salsa, avocados, tortillas, limes and Tequila were often the only things I had in my refrigerator.   Now that I am just a bit older and have a lot more food in my refrigerator, omelets usually, consist of wild mushrooms, fresh tarragon and Emmental cheese.    However, feeling a little nostalgic as I pushed my grocery cart down the dairy isle this morning, the  corn tortillas conjured up memories of life as a carefree twenty year old.  I have a delicious Welsh Cheddar that will give my omelet that extra zing.  You are welcome to use any cheese you like as I will use this because it in the box.  For those of you who have difficulty making omelets, here are a few helpful hints:
·        Use a non stick pan and a rubber spatula
·        Make sure the pan is well oiled with a food release or olive oil
·        Have all of the ingredient that will go into the omelet seasoned and ready ahead of time
·        Don’t over-stuff with ingredients or it will be difficult to fold
·        Control your fire-make sure the pan is not too hot when your are preparing the omelet or the eggs will get too brown and crisp
·        Have fun with it

I have listed the ingredient for one omelet in an 8” non-stick pan the way  I like it.  You can use a smaller pan with fewer eggs if desired. 

Southwestern Omelet with Avocado and Blue Corn Tortillas

2 large eggs
1 egg white
2 tablespoons cheddar cheese
2 tablespoons salsa
1/3 cup diced avocado
3 corn tortillas
Food release/ olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste


Season avocado to taste and set aside
Heat tortillas in a skillet  and hold  them warm in an earthen tortilla warmer until omelet is ready
Heat a non-stick pan; add desired fat (Do Not Let Pan Smoke-that’s too Hot)
Scramble eggs 

Add eggs to hot pan; move with the rubber spatula

Now this is where I cheat.  I flip the eggs over to insure the eggs are entirely cooked.  You can continue to move the eggs and fill it without flipping it over.  I just find that it increase the likelihood that the eggs will be runny inside.  Do what makes you comfortable.

Turn omelet onto your plate serve with avocado and tortillas

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