Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mom's Apple Pie

Hope you have all had a blessed Thanksgiving!  This Holiday is my favorite time of year because it is the one celebration that all American can observe regardless of race or religion. I especially like how people infuse their ancestry into the preparation of the turkey.  In keeping with tradition, I have attempted my Mom’s Apple Pie.   Dessert, in our family, is as important as the main course.   The sweets of choice are apple pie, pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie.   Typically, we reserve cakes and cookies for Christmas.  Mom was the reigning queen of pie baking.  No one could make an apple pie like hers, nor did they try.  Before she died she took me through the steps of making an apple pie.  I have made it a few times and have made some adjustment because Mom was not big on measuring out ingredients.   I think she felt that after 40 years of making apple pies, why measure.   Mom used all shortening in her pie crust but I have made it with half butter.  Either way the crust still turns out nice.   Granny Smith apples were always used in her recipe.  I have tried other apples and I have to agree that Granny Smiths work best. 


Mom’s Apple Pie
Pie Crust
3 cups all-purpose flour
1 ¼ teaspoon salt
¼ cup sugar
4 oz cold shortening
4 oz cold butter
1 cup ice cold water
Combine dry ingredients
With a wire pastry blender, cut butter and shortening into dry ingredients until mixture looks like coarse crumbs.
Add the ice water gradually and toss to blend
When the dough is sufficiently moist, it should stick together
Gather dough into 2 equal round balls
Chill for ½ hour to allow dough to rest
Roll one round of dough to fit a 9-inch pie pan; using a small knife, trim the edges even with the rim of the pan.
Pie Filling

3# Granny Smith Apples
1 cup sugar
½ cup brown sugar
1/3 cup flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 Tablespoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg
½ stick unsalted butter
2 Tablespoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon lemon zest
1 egg

Combine all dry ingredients in a small bowl.
Peel and cut apples into 1/2" wedges
Place apples in layers alternating with dry ingredients, lemon juice, zest and butter.  Apples should be heaping because they cook down.
Cover top of pie with dough, crimp edges,  brush with egg wash and make a few slits in the top to allow air to release.
Bake at 375F for 20 minutes and 325F for about 1  hour.  If pie starts to bubble and leak its juices; put a sheet pan filled with water on the rack below the pie to catch the juice and prevent smoking.

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